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Hours: 9am-5pm​
  • Dogs: NOT Allowed​​​​​​​
  • Bathroom facilities: PortaPotty located at entrance 
  • ​Showers: CLOSED
  • Parking Lots: Max vehicle length 20 feet
    • B-Booth Lot: Pass holder access
    • 24-Hour Access: With Season Pass
      • ​Do not stop in path of gate,
      • Ensure all vehicle accessories are clear of path.​
      • Do not tailgate others when exiting 
      • You must tap YOUR pass to exit
      • Pass can be deactivated for:
        • Intentionally opening gate for multiple cars
        • Improper use of gate / Abuse of access privileges
        • Violating any other relevant park rules
    • C-Field Lot: Closed
    • Street Parking: Allowed, ENTRANCE FEE STILL APPLIES
  • ​Park Ranger: On Duty
  • Lifeguards: Off Duty
  • Surf Cam: View on YouTube Down for maintenance 
  • Food and Drinks: Closed for season
  • Online orders after March 1st Must be picked up at the park
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